Easier Airbnb Hosting

Share your key with your guests securely and freely without worrying about time.

Limit their key usage with date and time. Get notified lock/unlock activities

Secure Babysitting and Housekeeping

You do not have to give a copy of your physical key anymore! Know when they arrive and leave.

Forget changing your key block whenever you change your housekeeper/babysitter. Schedule their access with daily, weekly or monthly time intervals.

More Profitable Real-Estate Business

Manage all keys of properties for sale or rental easily from one app.

Share keys with your clients and employees freely and securely. Make them happy and be more profitable in your Real-Estate business.

Open your door for Friends and Family

Stop making friends & family wait in front of your door! Open your door for them once, or share access for a limited time.

Onlock is a smarter key for everyone!

Everyone has a reason to have an Onlock. What is yours?


If you have two or more employees sharing same office. Have an Onlock for all and monitor their activities.


Small to Big businesses. The need is same for all.

Shared Houses

Sharing your house with someone. Onlock is for you!


Onlock is interesting for people who is tech enthusiast, likes supporting start-ups, ideas. Onlock loves you!