Smart Door Lock

With Onlock Smart Door Lock, you do not have to worry about the door keys. While enjoy the keyless life, Onlock can share your key with anyone you want to authorize access to your door, anytime and anywhere.


Onlock Hub is a gateway to connect the internet so that you can lock/unlock your door even away from home. Wait for the best part: you can get an instant notification if anyone tries to access your door, doubling your protection.

Smart Furniture Lock (Single)

Onlock Smart Furniture Lock is the coolest lock ever for your furnitures such as drawer, cabinets both home and office environment. Take control of your private storage areas!

Smart Furniture Lock (Single)

This multi-unit furniture lock allows you control up to 16 locks, best for your corporate solutions. It can be integrated any software environment through our special API.

This is Onlock Family!

Onlock Smart Lock is an ecosystem that is controlled from the Onlock Mobile App with an ease and secure.

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Onlock Smart Lock Device

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Onlock Hub

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Onlock Smart Furniture Lock (Single)

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Onlock Smart Furniture Lock (Multi)

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